2020 Trends in Field Services from Salesforce Consultant Cloudpointe


The global field service management (FSM) sector—managing end-to-end resources in the field—is not only growing exponentially but thanks to technological advancements and adaptation, the entire industry is also going through a huge shift in how field service operations are managed. FSM includes everything from mobile field execution and managing workers, schedules, and supplies to tools, vehicles, contract and warranty management, and more. In order for managers to keep field team operations running smoothly, they must not only keep an eye on the schedules, productivity, and safety issues but also need to balance costs and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Cloudpointe is a California based Salesforce partner and field services consultancy. With years of historical client experience, our collective team has managed more than 2,200 Salesforce projects since 2001 bringing best practice knowledge and expertise in this new era of CRM productivity. The following are just a few of our insights and highlights from the 2020 trends we foresee surrounding the field service industry and solutions.

According to IBSWorld the FSM software industry market size was expected to increase 13.4 percent in 2019 alone, while Grand View Research, the field service management market is expected to reach $4.16 billion by 2025.

The main forces which are driving the market include:

  • Increased use of smartphone devices – this has been key to the overall growth of the FSM industry globally. FSM solutions are now compatible with next-generation smartphone operating systems with improving mobile networks.
  • Increased demand for better organizational efficiency
  • Increased demand for reduced cost of operations
  • Advancement in cloud services – growing cloud infrastructure for FSM software.
  • Development of FSM software in the cloud – service industries are moving from deployment on-premise to cloud FSM solutions with faster deployment speeds and reduced upfront costs.
  • FSM mobile field execution solution is essential – ensures service industry execution and maintenance of field service work by technicians, reporting status, receiving alerts, and visibility to individual performance.
  • Mid to large-size enterprises are increasingly adopting FSM solutions – critical for the management of technicians and employees who work in the field.
  • Larger companies are transitioning from traditional to headless e-commerce—this separation of the front end and back end of an e-commerce application. Benefits include better employee adoption, fewer steps to front-end deployment, time savings across IT, and accelerates time to market.
  • Surge in the FSM market growth over the next nine years – expected to reach USD 4.16 billion by 2025.

Cloudpointe focuses on success for mid to large-size companies that are undergoing rapid change. With this experience, they have been tracking challenges resulting primarily from complex logistics and poor resource allocation. Some consistent challenges to consider that increase the cost of business operations include:

  • Low adoption rates with FSM technology
  • Improper management of inventory
  • Increased inventory cycle time
  • Increased holding cost and increased ordering cost
  • Incorrect information about the stock

FSM solutions help to fortify the functionality of the service industry while improving overall profitability and gaining valuable operational visibility. Cloudpointe is an expert in successfully deploy Salesforce’s Field Service solution and can help field service organizations enhance productivity. The mix of our field service expertise combined with the Salesforce Field Service solution offers an intuitive user experience, access to modern innovations such as artificial intelligence, and a framework that can build and customize apps fast. Salesforce’s Field Service will:

  • Improve first-visit resolution
  • Help boost employee productivity in the field
  • Automate appointment scheduling
  • Assist in managing agents, dispatchers, and mobile workers
  • Optimize mobile workforce allocation
  • Keep customers updated at every step

According to the Total Economic Impact™ of Salesforce Lightning for Service Cloud study by Forrester, Salesforce Lightning could deliver a return on investment of 475 percent over three years for a service organization.

Our goal is to deliver rapid results and solutions that will have a long-term business impact for clients using the following successful roadmaps:

  1. Strategic planning and readiness – via a strategy workshop and development of a tailored, prioritized, and phased Salesforce® roadmap.
  2. Implementation and integration – using full cloud-optimized, iterative methodology; cloud-to-cloud integration; and new release prioritization.
  3. Custom development – App Cloud, Force.com, and Heroku solutions; custom mobile applications.
  4. Adoption assurance – prioritize which features to adopt, and when; ongoing health checks; change management and training; user adoption assurance and managed service packages.

Cloudpointe is obsessed with the success of their clients. To learn more, visit us at https://www.cloudpointe.com/